Raving Fans

“Everything here is perfect! The cleanliness, the atmosphere, the staff, and their willingness to adjust their schedule to give you longer table time for your massage! I cannot say enough good things about Jennifer and Joni, and their services. Check them out, you will love it!”

-Beth Lucas

“This place is absolutely amazing, it was my very first time getting a facial and Jennifer and Joni made sure i was completely comfortable and well informed on the process. I can’t wait to return.”

-Tierra Bell

“Everything about Bliss wellness is just…well…BLISSFUL! The feel and energy from the moment you walk through the door is tranquil and soothing. Jen is knowledgeable and very skilled. She was able to pinpoint my trouble spots right away and give me immediate relief and still offer a soothing massage. I was so impressed that I ended up joining their monthly program so that I could get all the benefits from it and make sure that I finally stop neglecting myself! I can barely wait until next month when I’m using my membership for a facial!”


“Beautiful place hidden in a beautiful little courtyard of a little shopping/restaurant building. Good parking available. Jennifer and team have the ability to serve what you want and do it good but just as well; freestyle you to what you didn’t even know you needed 😉
I love Jenns freestyle massages they bring my body and my disability to whole new options. She is working intensly with me since over a year and also after my surgeries and I couldn’t be happier. Come here and trust me you will more than a time out from bussy life. You get treated to the max ♡”

-Carole Mercédès

“I have had many massage therapists over the years, both male and female. Never before have I experienced a finer massage.”

– Lloyd Dunham

“My appointment was after work and the day had been very stressful. I looked around when I entered Bliss and the office was very clean and organized. Music played softly in the back ground as I received my massage. I could feel my body began to relax and the stress melt away. What a pleasurable experience I encountered at Bliss.. I will definitely go again
Thank you”

-Edna Lewis

“I love this place. I’ve always enjoyed massages here but now also love some of the new services offered… I’ve tried cupping, and most recently ear candling, and it’s noticeable how much better I can hear since doing this. This will become part of my regular monthly massage routine & I’m looking forward to trying new things. Highly recommended!”

– Patricia Cross

“I cannot say enough great things about Bliss because going here really is bliss!! I have been going here for about 6 weeks and the treatments have gotten me through a very bad time in my life. I literally would not have been able to make it without these ladies amazing care! They are the most professional and committed massage therapists I have ever met! They absolutely understand how to heal you. My visits are the highlight of my week. Make an appointment today and you will want to go back tomorrow! Don’t go for the fast food massage therapy go to the real professionals. You will not regret it!”

– Margaret Brennan