Slim. Firm. Tone. Introducing Cryoskin

We are excited to introduce Cryoskin!
A new service that destroys fat cellsreduces cellulite and provides non-surgical face lifts
Lose Up To An Inch Of Fat In One Session!
With our new launch of Cryoskin, we’re giving HUGE savings (and bonus offers) to the FIRST 20 guests to schedule an appointment. In order to qualify for the Special Introductory Offers, you must agree to the following: 
You must be willing to commit to a minimum of 5 sessions (you’ll see the best results this way).
  • You must be willing to allow us to take before & after photos.
  • You must feel comfortable with us sharing the before & after photos via our social media and website.
Only the first 20 clients will qualify for the HUGE Savings (and bonus offers)! 
Curious to see what part of a session looks like? Check out this video from another company that has been using Cryoskin for a few months.

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