Cupping Therapy

This ancient therapy has been used by Chinese, Mayans, and Egyptians for over 3,000 years. Massage Cupping is a modern adaptation of the ancient art of cupping therapy. While massage is performed by applying pressure, cupping instead uses negative pressure to pull, lift, open and expand the body’s soft tissues, much like the inverse of massage – rather than applying pressure to muscles.

25 Minute/$55  50 Minute/$85  80 Minute/$120

*Blissful Boosts can be added to every treatment.

Facial Cupping

Facial cupping helps reduce puffiness, removes stagnation, stimulates fribroblasts which stimulates collagen and elastin, aiding in lifting and plumping the tissue. European countries are known for using facial cupping as face lifts due to its superior natural ability to increase a youthfulness to the tissue. This is a 15 minute treatment.


*Blissful Boosts can be added to every treatment.

Cellulite Cupping

Cellulite is stagnation caused by superficial fascial adhesions, resulting in adipose fat pockets becoming trapped within fascia. Cellulite Cupping brings heat to the area to liquefy the fascia and fluids to lead the stagnant sticky fluids out and remold the fascia to smooth out the area. This treatment is 10-15 minutes long for smaller areas (i.e. arms, abdomen), and 20 – 25 minutes long for larger areas (i.e. front of legs, back of legs, hips or buttocks).

Smaller Areas/$25  Larger Areas/$50

*Blissful Boosts can be added to every treatment.

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