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Find Your Bliss…

You and your well-being matter to us, that’s why at Bliss Wellness Massage and Facial Day Spa, located in the Fountain Square Shops in Ormond Beach, FL, an amazing experience for each guest, each visit, is of the utmost importance to us.
Your mind, body and spirit will be relaxed, nourished and rejuvenated by our results-driven team of experts, treatments and products. We are determined YOU will Find Your Bliss at Bliss Wellness.

Delivery Update

We are offering complimentary local no-contact delivery and $7.95 flat rate shipping nationwide on our online store. We are offering complimentary consultations on Zoom for all our services. We will customize a product package for each guest who receives a consultation. To schedule your complimentary consultation for skin care, massage therapy, stretch therapy or body wraps, call us at 386-871-0670 or email us at Each guest who receives a complimentary consultation will also be given an opportunity to take advantage of generous savings and bonuses when purchasing a package of services to use at a later date. We appreciate you supporting a small business! Stay healthy!


Here at Bliss Wellness we offer a wide variety of treatments. Everything from our Signature Bliss Massage and facial, as well as cupping therapy, waxing and the revolutionary Cryoskin treatment. With these treatments and may more, you are sure to find your Bliss at Bliss Wellness.

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Anti-Cellulite Coffee Scrub


This anti-cellulite scrub uses the exfoliating, blood-stimulating effects of caffeine and coffee to create a potent product. The custom essential oil blend helps to fight fluid retention and draw out impurities, leaving you with beautifully moisturized, firm and toned skin.


Slim. Firm. Tone. Introducing Cryoskin

We are excited to introduce Cryoskin!
A new service that destroys fat cellsreduces cellulite and provides non-surgical face lifts
Lose Up To An Inch Of Fat In One Session!
Curious to see what part of a session looks like? Check out this video from another company that has been using Cryoskin for a few months.